Sheila Gemin – Leadership Coach

Sheila is an Executive Coach, entrepreneur and engineer. Having started out in the field of technology with an international consulting firm, she has over 15 years’ experience in the financial, pharmaceutical and recruitment industries. Her experience in working across these sectors uniquely positions her to coach STEM professionals and teams in developing greater leadership capacity, and to support business leaders in connecting technically complex ideas and innovations to the business strategy.

Sheila coaches ambitious professionals seeking a management or board level position, who are committed to taking the next step in their development journey. Highly skilled in clear and concise communications that get right to the heart of the issue, she supports senior leaders in defining and articulating core purpose and personal brand.

Sheila is committed to advancing diversity across all industries, roles and levels. She counsels and coaches executive leaders in strengthening organisational capacity to embrace, advance and leverage the full power of diversity to optimise the creative potential of the business and accelerate growth, and coaches women to step up into senior leadership roles. Sheila is President of the Professional Women’s Network in Amsterdam and a member of the global PWN Board where she is responsible for developing the global strategy.

She is the founder of The Cycling Academy, a nationwide institute bringing together science and professional sport, which is now a recognized centre for thought leadership within the Netherlands athletic community.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy development for sustainable growth 
  • Start-up’s and entrepreneurship
  • Building high-performance teams in business and sports
  • Chairing boards and working on an international board
  • Managing professionals and volunteers across the world
  • Coaching leaders, professionals, coaches and athletes

Why She Coaches

While Sheila has a strong focus on results, she equally enjoys working through the process to get there. She’s passionate about creating a safe environment where learning, failing and reflection are possible, and seeing the results develop and unfold. Sheila’s own journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur herself is in large part due to the good coaching she received along the way. She strongly believes that to chart a successful path forward, we must develop not only ourselves, but also ensure the success of others through coaching. And in coaching others, Sheila continues to expand and deepen her own expertise as a coach.

Her Approach

Sheila views herself as an engineer with coaching skills. Her approach is practical and balanced. She invests greatly in creating a safe environment for coaching and building effective relationships that produce the desired results to chart a successful path forward.  She has a wealth of experience in coaching people from various different cultural backgrounds, and engages with clients both in-person and/or virtually, dependent on their needs.

Coaching Achievements

Situation: Coach to the Chairman of the Board at a Dutch Law Firm

Context: Sparring partner to the Chairman of the Board in recognizing and addressing key factors undermining the success of the Executive Team at a Dutch Law Firm, managing expectations and building a high performance culture capable of realising strategic goals.

Outcomes: Chairman was able to further develop his own authentic leadership style, and build a cohesive and highly successful Executive Team: “With Sheila’s support, I was able to reflect upon my own role in this situation, and to gain clarity on what the team needed to become a real team.”

Situation: Coach to the Executive Board of an industrial company

Context: Initially supporting a new board member, and eventually the entire Executive Board, in developing the cultural conditions required for high performance teamwork capable of crafting the vision and strategic approach for successful leadership of a large-scale cultural change initiative across the enterprise.

Outcomes: Established a strong team culture founded on trust and accountability resulting in commitment to shared goals and successful transition of the entire organisation to a new ways of working.

Recent Clients

Achmea, KLM, ASR Nederland, VvAA, Nyenrode Business School

Professional Development and Education

MSc Executive Coaching, VU (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam
BSc Information Technology
BSc Industrial Psychology
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Hogan’s Leadership Suite (MVPI / HPI / HDS)

Fluent in Dutch & English